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The Fire Up Your Feet Program helps encourage families, students and schools to work together and create active lifestyles which inspire our children to be healthy and physically active.  Everything is here to help you walk more, play more, and find the joy of being physically active as a family and in your school.


Congratulations Spring 2014 Challenge Award Winners!


Start a Fundraiser

Start a Fundraiser

Fire Up Your Feet Fundraising helps your school, PTA and family get moving and raise money to create an active, healthy school!  
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Engaging Youth in Physical Activity in Kailua, Hawaii

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Creating A Stronger School Wellness Policy at Northmont Elementary with Fire Up Your Feet

One of the fun things about starting down the path to school wellness is... More

Coordinators Hit the Streets with Fire Up Your Feet

Kids need 60 minutes of physical activity a day to keep their heart and... More

Stay tuned for our Fall 2014 Webinar schedule or view one of our past webinars. 



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