A Win for Active Schools

Congratulations to all the students, families, and school staff who participated in the Fall 2015 Activity Challenge! Save the date for the Spring Challenge in May 2016!

Making an Impact

2,579 schools
217,903,134 miles
1,072,298,556 minutes of activity
If you biked 24,859 miles you could travel around the entire world once.

If you biked 24,859 milesyou could go around the world once and you would have to change your tires 8 times. That's a lot of pedaling!

Walking 1,000 feet is equal to walking the length of 10 blue whales

Walking 1,000 feetis equal to walking the
length of 10 blue whales

Kids need 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day.

Kids need 60 minutesor more of physical
activity each day.
CDC Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans


Elk Meadow Elementary Walks and Bikes to a Win

As a school that values wellness, Elk Meadow Elementary has been a great fit for the Fire Up Your Feet program. “It has fired up not just our feet but, our entire body of wellness initiatives!” says Grant Mattox, the school’s P. E. teacher.


Celebrate our Fall Challenge Winners

We had a ball this fall! More students, families and schools than ever before got fired up for physical activity during the Fire Up Your Feet Fall 2015 Activity Challenge.

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