Fire Up Your Feet offers two Activity Challenges in a school year – fall and spring – in participating regions across the country. Final award amounts vary in each region and are made to the schools showing the highest percentages of participation.

Register to track activity and see details about your participating region’s award levels and amounts in Nevada and Michigan.

Awards are allocated based on the number of students, parents, guardians, and school staff tracking during the Challenge Period, divided by total school enrollment.

To keep the excitement going throughout the challenge, each region offers special breakout awards that vary from new participating school, most minutes of physical activity, participation in Walk/Bike to School Day, and incentives for sharing stories of your school’s success.

(Note: Michigan and Nevada schools are eligible to compete for these awards.)

Specialized Water Bottle Award: Any school that tracks activity for 20 participants or more by October 31, 2017 will be entered into a drawing to win 100 Specialized water bottles.

PeopleForBikes Award: A $100 PeopleForBikes award will go to the top school with the highest percentage of participants tracking bicycle activity with a minimum of 20 participants tracking bicycling activity.

SPARK Physical Education Award: The school that tracks the highest total minutes spent in “SPARK physical education” will receive a Sportime PE Starter Pack (choice of K-2, 3-6, 6-8) (value $419.99-$799.99). Schools with a minimum of 20 participants tracking SPARK Physical Education are eligible.

I’m Safe Awards: The winner of this award (1st place) will receive $500 of free I’m Safe print, banner, or digital products. There will also be a 2nd place winner ($250 of I’m Safe products) and 3rd place winner ($100 of I’m Safe products). To enter, submit a short narrative (photos/videos strongly encouraged) describing:

How your school (staff, parents, and/or students) promoted safety around walking or bicycling to/from school during the Fire Up Your Feet Activity Challenge.

If you won $500 of I’m Safe products, which items would you select and how would you use I’m Safe products to promote and encourage safety at your school?
Submissions are due by 5:00pm PT on November 2, 2017. Click here to submit.

Note: When I’m Safe awards are made, if the prize is not claimed within 30 days, it will be offered to the next runner up.

Dero Bike Rack Award: This award will go to the school with the school with the highest total minutes of biking activity logged during the Activity Challenge. Schools with a minimum of 20 participants tracking bicycling are eligible. The winning school will receive a Dero “Bike Bike Rack” ($467 value).

mybackpacktags® Walking Award: The school with the most total minutes spent walking during the Activity Challenge will receive one set of six mybackpacktags® items (walk, bike, bus, car, & two carabiners) for up to 150 students ($540 value). Schools with a minimum of 20 participants tracking walking are eligible, and the award must be used for entire grade level or multiple grade levels.

Peaceful Playgrounds Playground Activity Award: The school that tracks the most total minutes spent in playground activity/recess will receive a staff training from Peaceful Playgrounds on “Bullying Prevention OR Playground Supervision” (choice of winner, $499.99 value). Schools with a minimum of 20 participants tracking “Playground Activity/Recess” are eligible.

Final Challenge Awards are calculated by the following formula:

Total number of students, parents/guardians and school staff that tracked during the Challenge period, divided by school enrollment data. We utilize national enrollment data from Market Data Retrieval, one of the nation’s leading educational list compilers. This data is updated annually from data provided directly by school districts and from state enrollment reports. We use the most recent data set available to us; however, this data set may not reflect your school’s exact school enrollment for the current school year.


Awards will be calculated by the Safe Routes to School National Partnership and awarded to a qualified school group such as a PTA, PTO, school, school district, or school foundation. Awards will not be made to individuals.
Awarded funds must be spent on activities/uses related to the school’s health and wellness goals.
In order to be included in the award calculation registered parents, students, and school staff must track their activity at least once during the Challenge period.
Schools must have a minimum of 20 participants tracking one activity to be considered for a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd tier Challenge Award and any breakout or national awards as noted.
In the event of a tie, a drawing will determine the awardee.
School groups receiving the award will be required to complete an acknowledgement form. Checks are valid for 90 days after issued.
Schools are not able to win 1st place two challenges in a row. If a school wins a first-place award the previous Challenge, they are eligible to win all other awards including 2nd and 3rd place. Award categories and criteria may be subject to change; questions should be directed to
Schools are not able to win the same national award two challenges in a row. If a school wins a first-place national award from the previous Challenge, they are eligible to win 2nd and 3rd place (if applicable).
Schools are able to win the same breakout awards even if they have won in the previous Challenge.