Mapping Activity

Fire Up Your Feet

How well do you know your neighborhood?

This activity is a fun way to find out how much you remember about your trip to school.

This is a great activity for parent volunteers to do with their children or a group of children who walk or bicycle to school with you. The maps children draw are great to display on bulletin boards or to share when promoting your Safe Routes to School program. Teachers can also do this activity in the classroom; some have used information about the number of trees or stop signs in math stories and activities.

  1. Type in your home address at and click "Search Maps"
  2. Click on "Get Directions" and then click on the walking figure.
  3. Enter your school name and school address and click on "Get Directions"
  4. Using the map shown on the computer as a sample, try drawing your own pictyre map on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper.


Now that you have a rough sketch of your trip to school, see if you can fill the map in with buildings, street lights, stop signs, trees, parks, crosswalks, and anything you see on your way to school. Other fun things to look for and add would be mailboxes, frences, a house with a dog or a house in a color you remember and find interesting.

When you have finished your map, answer these questions on the back.

  • Do you think you remember everything that is on your trip?
  • How far is your walk to school? Is that a long way?
  • If you think it is far, why? Or why not?
  • What is your favorite part of your walk?
  • Is there anything on your walk that you think is dangerous?
  • What do you think makes it dangerous?
Smart tip!

After you finish your map, share it with your friends, your parents or you teacher. This is also a great activity to do at the start of the school year and at the end of the year and compare what you notice and what has changed.