Walking School Bus

If you’ve ever watched a marathon, you probably noticed some of the runners who seemed to have difficulty staying on their feet. Even the most seasoned of athletes can experience a lapse in concentration and lose their footing momentarily. 

How to Recover if you Stumble on a Marathon?

There’s no shame in falling on your face, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to finish a marathon one day.  

No matter how many marathons you run, you’re bound to stumble at some point. Learn how to recover from a stumble and carry on.

Focus on Your Feet

When you’re running, you’re concentrating on your stride and what your body is doing. Even while you’re focusing on your steps, you’re still conscious of your surroundings, which means that you’re aware of what’s happening with your feet. 

If you’ve fallen and are trying to get back up on your feet, you may be so focused on your own feet that you don’t realize what you’re doing wrong. Pay more attention to your feet so that you can correct your mistake.