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Did you know that you can burn calories while walking? In fact, walking is a great way to get in some exercise, slim down, and maintain your cardiovascular health. 

Even better? There are many walking activities you can do in your area to burn calories. How do you burn calories when you’re not at the gym? Walking, of course!  

Walking Activities that Help Burn Calories

While walking burns calories naturally, some activities burn more calories than others. 

Go on a Strolling Tour

If you love being outside and finding new places to explore, a strolling tour is a great activity to do to burn calories. Stroll through a nearby park or walk around a local business district. 

Not only will you get some fresh air and sunshine, but you’ll also be getting some exercise at the same time. Strolling tours offer a number of benefits, including improved mood, increased metabolism and even weight loss.