Why Classroom Physical Activity

Running in the hallways can be an enjoyable way to stay fit and get some fresh air while doing it. However, it can also cause problems if you’re not careful. 

Why You should not Run in School Hallways?

Running in the hallways of your school can be dangerous. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t run in the hallways, and running can be a deterrent for many people. 

The Track can be Dangerous

Running in the running track can be very dangerous. Unlike the gym, which is usually well-lit, the running track is usually dark. You may not realize you’re running on the wrong surface or that the track isn’t level, causing you to fall. 

Since the track is dark, you may also have trouble seeing where you’re running. Running in the dark can cause injury, especially if you fall and hit your head. You could also miss another runner, causing an accident. Plus, running on the track can cause damage to the floors and walls.