Safe Walking Tips

Fire Up Your Feet | Encouragement, Safety | 02/06/14

Walking is a great way to have fun and stay healthy. Make sure that you are a safe walker by following these important tips!


Safe Bicycling Tips

Fire Up Your Feet | Encouragement, Safety | 02/06/14

Riding a bicycle is a healthy, fun, and fast way to get around town and to school. When going for a ride follow these great tips to make sure your trip is fun AND safe!


Mad Libs Activity

mad libs activity

Instructions: Have students form pairs, or complete the activity as a class. Cut on the dotted line and give each student a list of the action verbs below, or choose some of the verbs and write them on the board for the class.


10 Fantastic Ways to "Fire Up" Your Safe Routes to School Program

Fire Up Your Feet | 08/23/13

Ten great ideas on how to incorporate Fire Up Your Feet into Safe Routes to School programming.


How to Be A PTA Champion for Safe Routes to School

Fire Up Your Feet | Policy Making | 05/31/13

Tens of thousands of Safe Routes to School programs are being established throughout the country as more and more schools, cities, parents, and students embrace the Safe Routes to School movement.


Involving Law Enforcement

Fire Up Your Feet | Building Partnerships | 02/25/13

Law enforcement officers are uniquely positioned in the community, as they are seen as both safety enforcers and role models. Children are taught from a young age to respect law enforcement and positive interactions with them can foster life-long habits that support good decision-making.


School Policies that Affect Physical Activity

Fire Up Your Feet | Policy Making | 02/25/13

School policies can impact the amount of physical activity that children receive on a regular basis. Because of this, it’s important to be able to identify both barrier policies, which discourage, prohibit, or otherwise present barriers to physical activity, and supportive policies, which encourage, support, or enable physical activity opportunities.


Childhood Obesity Fact Sheet

Fire Up Your Feet | Physical Activity Opportunities | 02/20/13

The rate of childhood obesity has increased at alarming rates over the past few decades. Obese children are at an increased risk for developing health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension.


Why Classroom Physical Activity?

kids in uniform running
Fire Up Your Feet | 02/19/13

Research shows a link between physical activity and academic achievement. Children that move more score higher on cognitive tests and have more positive attitudes towards school.


Built Environment Policies that Affect Physical Activity

little boy and backpack
Fire Up Your Feet | Built Environment, Policy Making, Safety | 02/19/13

Planning, zoning, and transportation policies directly impact the overall health of all people. That’s why it is important to make sure that policy makers are accounting for the long-range and far-reaching effects that planning decisions can have on making physical activity opportunities safe and accessible.


Fact Sheet: Why Move?

Fire Up Your Feet | Encouragement, fact sheet | 02/19/13

When we say there’s something for everyone in the Fire Up Your Feet program, we mean it. Participating in Fire Up Your Feet brings you and your school an opportunity to improve academic performance, encourage healthy habits, increase physical activity and raise awareness about safety to, from and at your school.


Fun Run Planning Checklist

Fire Up Your Feet | Events, healthy fundraising, fun run | 02/19/13

The Fire Up Your Feet fundraising program provides a healthy and fun alternative to traditional school fundraisers -- and, more importantly, can help you raise more money with 75 percent of the proceeds going directly to your school.


Walking School Bus

When children walk to school, it has a positive impact on the entire community. By getting people out and about, walking school buses can foster a sense of community pride in both children and adults, which can lead to safer, more active neighborhoods.


Activity and Classwork Combos

Fired Up Your Feet | Activity-Classroom Combos | 02/04/13

Time is definitely of the essence during the busy school day, but if you could cover all your required lessons AND improve your student's knowledge retention, would you do it? It's been shown that using physical activity while learning can enhance academic performance.


Fired Up Five Activity

Fire Up Your Feet | Activity-Classroom Combos, activity, fired up five | 02/04/13

It's frustrating trying to teach restless, fidgety students. Are your students losing focus and making the wrong behavior choices? Give them five... a Fired Up Five! Fired Up Five activities help refresh and focus students by getting their bodies moving and blood flowing back to their brains. Take one minute and do these five simple activities to get the wiggles out, and you will see students revitalized and ready to learn again.


Organizing A Walk and Bike Event

Fire Up Your Feet | Events | 02/04/13

Walking and biking events can serve as fun and interactive ways to get children excited about active transportation. These events positively impact the community by integrating physical activity into daily life, increasing opportunities for local leaders to work together, raising awareness of ways to decrease vehicle pollution, and increasing school spirit. Walking and biking events can happen once or they can become semi-regular events that promote healthy choices throughout the year,


Students With Disabilities

Fire Up Your Feet provides the necessary technical assistance to schools on how to successfully include, involve, and encourage students with disabilities to participate in active living: before, during, and after school. By filling the gap of resources and information needed to assist schools in accommodating the needs of all students in Safe Routes to School programs, Fire Up Your Feet is enabling the expansion of a living an active life for students with disabilities.


Bike Trains

bike trains
Fire Up Your Feet | Physical Activity Opportunities | 02/04/13

Similar to walking school buses, bike trains have positive impacts on the entire community. Children get a chance to practice safe biking skills, have fun, increase socialization time with friends, and arrive at school alert and ready to learn. Volunteers have the opportunity to increase their own physical activity and become more involved in their neighborhood while allowing other parents extra time in the mornings. As people see more bike trains on the street, they begin to see bicycling as a social norm, which motivates the community to invest in infrastructure that makes bicycling safer and more accessible.


Environmental Activity

Fire Up Your Feet | Activity-Classroom Combos | 02/04/13

Did you know that by walking and bicycling you can help keep the air clean, use less gasoline, get good exercise, and save money all at the same time? This activity challenges you to see just how much walking and bicycling can help you and the environment.


Mapping Activity

Fire Up Your Feet | Activity-Classroom Combos, Built Environment | 02/04/13

This is a great activity for parent volunteers to do with their children or a group of children who walk or bicycle to school with you. The maps children draw are great to display on bulletin boards or to share when promoting your Safe Routes to School program.


Remote Drop-Off

Fire Up Your Feet | Encouragement | 01/31/13

Many children cannot participate in walking school buses or bike trains because they live too far away or the community does not have safe and accessible ways for them to get from home to school. Remote drop-off locations are a great way for these children to increase their physical activity, as well as increase safety and decrease traffic around schools.


Bike Rodeos

Fire Up Your Feet | bike rodeos | 01/31/13

A bike rodeo is an event that provides elementary and middle school children with the opportunity to learn, practice, and demonstrate bike handling skills in a fun, safe, and encouraging atmosphere.


Walkability Checklist

Fire Up Your Feet | Built Environment, Safety, walkability checklist, encouragement | 01/31/13

A walkability checklist can help volunteers assess the safety and accessibility of the built environment surrounding the school and nearby neighborhoods. Going on a walk is the best way to discover your community’s strengths and weaknesses that impact walkability.


Walking Clubs

tying shoes
Fire Up Your Feet | walking clubs, encouragement | 01/31/13

A walking club is an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to encourage children to walk by keeping track of their mileage and rewarding them for being physically active. A walking club can get students and staff excited about making walking a part of their daily routine.