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When it comes to walking alone or with someone, there are many advantages and disadvantages. However, it is up to you which one you would prefer. Apart from being concerned about safety, the type of walk can also have an impact on your fitness level.  

Is it better to Walk with a Companion?

If you’re new to walking, walking alone is the best way to ease yourself into the activity. If you’re an experienced walker, walking with someone else may be more beneficial

Walking with Someone

Walking with someone is when you walk with a third person. During the activity, one person is usually walking ahead of the other and one person is walking behind the other. Most people walk for exercise, so it’s essential that you are walking with someone else.

People who walk regularly have a lower likelihood of being obese, have lower blood pressure, and have lower cholesterol.

Additionally, walking with someone can help you socialize with friends and family members, and you can even teach your children about safety while walking.