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ROLLING, SLIDING, AND HIKING are widely recognized as the best exercises for preparing soldiers for the rigors of walking in terrain that is hilly or mountainous. As such, they are essential to soldiering of the future

How Soldiers are Trained in Walking?

The more time soldiers spend walking, the better they will become at it. In order to ensure that they’re getting the most out of their time on their feet, many militaries also train their soldiers in walking. The United States is no exception. 

What is Walking Training?

The U.S. Army’s MARCH program trains soldiers to become proficient at walking in terrain that is hilly or mountainous. The program is intended to improve mobility and enhance combat survivability. 

How do Soldiers go about Training in Walking?

The MARCH training program consists of three components: Movement, Activity, and Recreation.  Movement is the basic component of MARCH training. It’s an important aspect of any training regimen because it teaches soldiers how to walk.