Lose Belly Fat: How You Run Yourself Fit

Due to the high intensity of movement, running allows for a high level of fat loss only if you do it right. In order to achieve the desired weight loss success while jogging, simply starting to run is often not enough. In addition to running that is easy on the joints, comprehensive training planning and […]

Lack of Exercise – A Look at India’s Growing Population of Obese People

One of the reasons obesity quickly became a national health problem in India is because Indians aren’t keen on engaging in exercises as part of their lifestyle. Although eating habits, food preferences, unhealthy customs such as excessive drinking and smoking, increased availability of automated services and functionalities, better modes of transport and all amenities provided […]

Running And Its Effects On Hair Health

It’s definitely no secret that regular exercise has a number of health benefits. However, very few people know how enormous the potential of sport really is. A good example of this would be hair health. You probably don’t realize that exercising is also good for your hair. Admittedly, this is just one of many factors. […]

Breast Augmentation Surgery: Walking and Running Afterwards

The benefits of walking and running after breast augmentation surgery are significant. Walking after breast augmentation can help to shrink the implant and relieve any pain caused by the implant. Running after breast augmentation allows you to exercise in order to feel better about yourself, and it can also help to improve your sense of […]