Lack of Exercise – A Look at India’s Growing Population of Obese People

One of the reasons obesity quickly became a national health problem in India is because Indians aren’t keen on engaging in exercises as part of their lifestyle. Although eating habits, food preferences, unhealthy customs such as excessive drinking and smoking, increased availability of automated services and functionalities, better modes of transport and all amenities provided by the Internet of Things (IoT) count as changes in lifestyle that increase Indiam people’s susceptibility to gaining excessive weight or becoming obese.

Most Indians have not adopted active lifestyles to an extent that allows them to maintain fitness and a healthy weight. Such were the information gathered by Mintel, a new market intelligence research company.

Based on a study involving 3000 Indian adults aged 18 and above, 64% or nearly two-thirds of the participants say they are not exercise enthusiasts. Moreover, Mintel found out that even if 46% of the respondent consumers claim they lead a healthy lifestyle, only 37% of those who made such claims actually engage in exercise as a regimen.

Types of Exercise Typically Preferred by Indians

The Mintel report also disclosed that 31% of the responders say that lack of time is the main reason why do not exercise habitually. On the other hand, those who engage in some kind of physical activity, typically engage in the following basic forms of exercise activity:

  • Brisk walking (67%)
  • Low impact exercises like pilates or yoga or high intensity exercises (26%)
  • Engage in team sports like basketball or football (11%)
  • Enroll in bodybuilding programs that perform weight lifting, push-ups, squats and/or pull ups as physical activities (10%).

Consumers who are less inclined to choose this type of exercise are those who say they cannot afford it.

Do Obese Indians Rely on Weight Loss Treatments

Although weight loss supplements are highly affordable in India, the efficiency of such products have not produced significant results. Apparently, obesity has become a growing problem in the country simply because in wealthy Indian household, gaining excessive weight starts at at childhood.

Moreover, not a few Indians tend to believe that the reason why their weight loss supplements are not producing positive results is because they are generic versiions. Actually, generic brands are just as effective as the original branded weight loss pill. The FDA makes sure of this as it is the most important requirement in giving approval to applications for generic brand production.

How India’s Phatma Franchise for Generic Medicines Work?

To make sure that all kinds of generic products are sold at low prices, India’s policy makers developed a marketing, and selling system in the distribution of generic drugs across Indian markets. Drug manufactureres cannot directly distribute their products to retailers looking to sell generic medicines in a specific region or district.

Through a PCD franchise company, a pharmacy store owner procures generic medicines in all forms through the services provided by a company. The latter arranges the purchasing and ensures proper pricing whilst making sure that the seller enjoys the exclusive right to sell the generic brands of medicines in their location

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