About Fall Activity Challenge

Running is one of the best ways to get your bearings, find your favorite trails, and get your body moving in the fresh air. But it’s also the best way to see wildlife in their natural habitat.  

Should You Run when You See Wild Animals?

Running takes you into the nooks and crannies of your surroundings, allowing you to see hidden animals, plants, and even smells that you might have missed before. While you might be excited at the prospect of seeing more animals while running, there are also risks. 

Some places are dangerous for runners, and seeing wild animals while running can put you at risk. So, should you really run when you see wild animals? Let’s find out.

The Dangers of Running when You See Wild Animals

There are a few places where it’s dangerous to run when you see wild animals. These include roads, highways, train tracks, power lines, and cargo ships. 

All of these represent a danger of hitting someone or something, getting hit by a train, or getting electrocuted. If you’re in one of these places when you see animals, you should avoid running.