Breast Augmentation Surgery: Walking and Running Afterwards

The benefits of walking and running after breast augmentation surgery are significant. Walking after breast augmentation can help to shrink the implant and relieve any pain caused by the implant. Running after breast augmentation allows you to exercise in order to feel better about yourself, and it can also help to improve your sense of self-esteem.

Walking and Running After Breast Augmentation Surgery – Some Guidelines

Walking after breast augmentation surgery is a common practice to get back into shape. However, it is not always advisable to walk after breast augmentation surgery as it can cause pain and damage to the chest wall. Running after breast augmentation surgery is more beneficial as it strengthens the muscles and improves blood circulation.

Walking after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Walking after breast augmentation surgery should be done in moderation and with care. It is advised that you don’t overdo it or do strenuous activities for at least three weeks post-surgery. You are still recovering from your surgery and should avoid any strenuous activity for this time frame.

Running After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Running after breast augmentation surgery also has its own set of guidelines that you must follow to ensure your safety.

Here are other activities that you should avoid while recovering from breast augmentation surgery

1) Avoid driving or operating any machinery until you’ve met your doctor or a certified physical therapist to discuss strategies for avoiding complications.

2) Driving is allowed one hour after surgery when it is safe to do so (especially if you have had the painkiller Percocet prescribed). Make sure not to drive before then.

3) If you have to work or do anything demanding outside of the home, you should discuss with your doctor how to decrease physical demands on the body and minimize chances for complications.

4) You are not allowed to return to activities that strain the muscles of your chest for at least six weeks.

5) If you have open wounds, take precautions when showering (i.e., use a shower chair or put a towel over the wound.

6) You may also be advised to avoid activities that require strong heart contractions for about six weeks, including contact sports and exercise.

7) Surgery isn’t permanent – take care to prevent future complications.

Post-op breast augmentation surgery general care

As with any type of surgery, a plastic surgeon recommends for anyone who has undergone breast augmentation surgery to take proper care after the operation. Post-op surgery general care is a type of medical care that helps patients recover from post-operative complications and return to normal life. Post-op surgery general care includes the following: Physical therapy, Pain management, Nutrition, Medications management, and Psychological support.

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