Massage After Walking & Running


Massages and sports are inevitably linked. The beneficial practices can ensure an optimal warm-up phase for the muscles in advance. Thus, it has a lower risk of injury and alleviates acute cramps or strains during fitness. It promotes improved regeneration after walking & running. For this reason, sports massage (안마) in a wide variety of forms is enjoying growing popularity. But especially after a workout, professional sports massage grips are extremely effective and can positively support the organism on a complex level. This is based on the concept of sports massages, which is clearly different from conventional wellness treatments.

Intensive sports massage – a principle with holistic added value

Behind the term, sports massage is a practice that is known in addition to classic applications in the wellness industry and primarily refers to the treatment of physically active people. A combination of traditional massage techniques and supplementary sports massage techniques is used. This explicitly deals with the complaints or requirements of an athlete.

In addition to training massages and preparation techniques, the recovery application after sport is the most common variant in the corresponding methodology. It only appears after a competition, the fitness phase, or games and prevents harmful waste products from settling in the tissue, overloading leading to sore muscles or slower regeneration. So it has a relaxing effect on the athlete.


Sports massage intentions – improved blood circulation meets sustainable regeneration

The massage after sport has several positive properties from which the organism can benefit. In connection with this, the latter do not necessarily all show up with a customer, there are also cases in which the person concerned has only noticed an optimization within his musculoskeletal system, while in others all the advantages of the sports massage have appeared directly. Likewise, you can only prove the various effects after repeated use. clearly, you can assign the massage after the workout.

Sports massages should not only relax the muscles. The aim here is to regenerate the organism in a natural way after heavy exertion. In addition, it aims to avoid preventive protection against the consequences of heavily stressed joints and muscles and to optimize the effect of fitness training.

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