Running: Effective Sports To Lose Weight


Without a doubt, the best types of exercise that are particularly effective at burning fat while losing weight are brisk walking, jogging at a moderate pace, cycling, swimming and skating. Of course, special attention should be paid to health aspects in order to ensure that training is as safe and gentle on the joints as possible.

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Fast walking

Walking is particularly suitable for beginners or those returning to exercise. The advantages are clearly defined. They are gentle on the joints, fresh air with plenty of oxygen for the body and muscles.


Running is an uncomplicated sport. It is innate in humans and so anyone who is healthy and has two legs can start immediately without extensive previous training and expensive trainer hours.


For people who are inexperienced in sports, cycling is a very good way to get started in sports again. It is not as strenuous as running and offers the benefit of covering a longer distance and seeing more of nature. 60% to 70% of your body weight is absorbed by sitting on the saddle. Not only do you train your leg muscles, but the muscles in the back area are also stimulated. This ensures healthy blood circulation and can even prevent back pain.

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Running requires more physical effort than walking

When walking, the legs are hardly bent and the center of gravity moves in a narrow area above the legs. When you run, on the other hand, you jump from one foot to the other. With each jump, the center of gravity is first raised and then lowered below baseline as you bend your knees to cushion the impact of your feet on the ground. This constant rising and falling of your mass consumes a lot of energy. The study by the University of Syracuse came to the conclusion that running burns around 50 percent more calories per kilometer than walking.

Is fast walking an alternative to slow running?

However, brisk walking can burn as many calories as very slow running. Anyone who uses a heart rate monitor with calorie measurement can observe this for themselves. This phenomenon applies to anyone who walks faster than seven and a half minutes per kilometer. However, this makes the movement process a bit “bumpier” and more unnatural. So if you want to lose weight but are not in the condition to run several kilometers at a time, combination both brisk walking and running.

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Great Quotes About Walking

“There is no habit you will value so much as that of walking far without fatigue.”