Running Or Walking To Lose Weight

Being overweight is a problem that many people face. It not only affects the way of life and restricts the freedom of movement, but also causes many negative emotions. Because of this, dietary supplement manufacturers make pills that can be combined with exercise and diet. Find out more about healthy weight loss by reading dietary pill reviews.

Running or walking – what to choose for losing weight

Obesity can cause many serious diseases from hypertension to diabetes. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with extra pounds not only to get the appearance of a model.

The most important thing in losing weight is taking care of your health, much more than the waist, hip, and hip circumferences.

Among the most common methods of combating excess weight are physical activities which are walking and running.

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Comparison of walking and running

In order to understand which of the types of aerobic exercise is the most effective and safe for health, it is necessary to compare the popular types of walking and running.

An indicator of training productivity is the amount of calories burned. In addition, the choice of the type of physical activity is influenced by the personal preferences and health status of the exerciser.

Scandinavian walking

This type of cardio is walking with special poles. Therefore, when moving, a large group of muscles is activated.

The technique of Nordic walking implies a relatively low pace and gentle load on the knees. Therefore, this type of sports activity can be practiced by those for whom running is contraindicated.

When mastering the technique, Nordic walking can be practiced for quite a long time like 2-3 hours a day. An hour of training burns an average of 350-400 calories.

Up to 1200 calories can be burned for a 3-hour class, which is completely accessible to the trained.

Jogging – escape from a heart attack

This type of exercise is called “escape from a heart attack” and can help strengthen the heart and reduce weight. Morning jogging at a leisurely pace often becomes a useful habit.

If you train in the park or in the forest, the pleasure is double. These are body care and beautiful views.

It is not recommended to run for more than 2 hours. One of the disadvantages of jogging is the limited amount of calories burned, on average 400-500.

In addition, running, with a weight significantly above the norms, is dangerous for the joints and the spine. In such a case, it is best to start training with walking, and when the weight is reduced, then running is also included.

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